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Young Carer

Young Carer

You would be eligible for the PARTNERS Programme supported entry route if you were a young person who has sole or shared responsibility for the care of a relative because they are ill, have a disability, are experiencing mental distress or affected by substance abuse.

You are required to provide supporting documentary evidence to confirm your status as a recognised carer from one of the following sources (on headed paper):

  • Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Carer’s Allowance statement/letter
  • Carer’s support group 
  • Social Services/Local Authority
  • Your relatives NHS or Private Support Worker
  • A letter from your GP

We also take into account your predicted grades and in order to be eligible, your predicted grades must match or exceed the lower PARTNERS offer.

If you're eligible, apply to the PARTNERS Programme now. We look forward to receiving your application.

If you are not a young carer as outlined above, or are unable to provide the necessary supporting evidence, you are not eligible based on this criteria. To check if you're eligible under other criteria, return to the eligibility checker page or have a look at the full list of PARTNERS Programme eligibility criteria.