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Politics and History BA (Hons), 2nd year

What were the benefits of the PARTNERS Programme for you?

The benefits of the programme didn’t just include the lower offer, but the opportunity to spend some time with the academics who gave us an insight of what learning at Newcastle University would be like. When I began writing my first essay, after starting my course, I felt like I was miles ahead of everyone else as I’d already been taught how to reference and how to write in line with the expectations of my chosen discipline.

What did you enjoy most about the Assessed Summer School?

I met people that I am still friends with now in second year. We spent time getting to know each other in university accommodation, ordered takeaways and just bonded with other people taking part in the Summer School. This made me feel less nervous about my fist few days in Newcastle.

What did you enjoy least about the Assessed Summer School?

I can honestly say that the only thing I didn’t enjoy about the Summer School was arriving on the first day. I was worried that I wouldn’t make friends and would be alone for the entire duration but I soon realised that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. 

Do you think you have had any advantages over non-PARTNERS students during your time at University?

Definitely. I felt like I knew a lot more about writing essays than any of my course mates when we started, as well as simply knowing my way round campus. I’ve also been sent emails about different job opportunities giving me the chance to work on the University Open Days.

What support did you receive from the PARTNERS Team during the Assessed Summer School and throughout your time at University?

The Summer School staff were extremely helpful and friendly, there for anything you needed and they made themselves available at all times. This has been very much the case while I’ve been studying too - I’m always receiving emails about PARTNERS opportunities and events. 

Politics and History, 1st year