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Marketing and Management BSc (Hons), 1st year

What did you enjoy most about the Assessed Summer School?

It gave me the opportunity to make new friends that I speak to on a regular basis now I study at Newcastle University. By knowing people before I came to University it made it easier to settle in during the first couple of weeks which other students found difficult.

What did you enjoy least about the Assessed Summer School?

How short it was. I enjoyed it so much I wished it was longer!

If you could give advice or tips to a new PARTNERS student what would it be?

Make the most of the opportunities you're given in the short time that you're on campus. It’s really important to socialise in your free time to make sure you make new friends and also make use of your lecturers, along with resources from the library, to make sure the quality of work you are producing is university level.

Do you have any other comments on the PARTNERS Programme?

If anyone is considering applying for PARTNERS, do it! It’s a fantastic experience that you’ll never forget!

Marketing and Management, 1st year