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PARTNERS Academic Summer School

PARTNERS Academic Summer School

You must successfully complete the PARTNERS Academic Summer School to meet all of the requirements for your lower PARTNERS offer.

Summer School 2019

The PARTNERS Academic Summer School is subject-specific and will last 5-6 days, depending upon the course that you make your Firm Choice.

It will take place during the following period:

  • Medicine (A100) & Law (M101): Sunday 30 June - Friday 5 July 2019
  • All other subjects: Monday 1 July - Friday 5 July 2019

All applicants must keep the relevant dates available, in order to attend the summer school.

Applicants may also be given an academic assignment to complete after the summer school. As a result, applicants are advised that they may require a period of free time at home to complete their assignment.

Sessions and assessment

Your time at the Summer School is made up of both academic and supporting higher education skills sessions.

Academic sessions, including lectures, tutorials and practical sessions, take up the majority of your time. They are related to the course that you plan to study at the University. 

You will also be introduced to a variety of study skills that support the work you do at the Summer School and help ease the transition to university.

Applicants to Dentistry

If you apply to Dentistry, you are formally assessed by a project handed in after the Summer School. All assessed work must be completed and handed in on or before the agreed deadline of Monday 22 July 2019. You do not need to attend the university on this date and you may submit early if you wish.