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If you apply to Medicine, Dentistry or Law, you are required to complete assessed work based upon the topics that you've covered at the Summer School. This work gives you the chance to demonstrate your potential for study at the University.

Assessment and the lower offer

There are two parts to the PARTNERS Programme lower offer:

  • your A-level (or equivalent) grades,
  • and successful completion of the Academic Summer School.

You must pass both elements to automatically be accepted into the University. If you fail either part of your offer, you must speak to a member of the PARTNERS Team to discuss your options and advise on what to do next.

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Content of assessment

The nature of the work that you complete during the Assessed Summer School depends on the academic subject strand that you're studying. You may have to write an essay, prepare a report, sit an exam or a combination of these exercises.

You are expected to complete the work to a high standard and hand it in on time. Your work will be assessed by the academic tutors who teach you on the Summer School and an external examiner makes sure that the work is marked fairly and equally across all subject strands.


You will be given help, advice and support from the PARTNERS Team, and academic tutors during the Summer School. 

Deadline for assessment

All assessed work must be completed and handed in on or before the agreed deadline - 23 July 2018. The exact date is dependant on which subject strand you sit at the Summer School and will be agreed prior to the start of the event.

We strongly advise you to keep the time between the end of the Summer School and the hand-in date free, so you are able to complete all of the required work.