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Meet Our Outreach Ambassadors

Our Outreach Ambassadors are here to deliver informative and interactive sessions for students that are thinking about going to university. They will talk about what it's like to study at University and the things to think about when looking for a course. The Humanities and Social Sciences Outreach Ambassadors for 2019/20 are Frances Devine and Louise Donnelly.

"Hello, I studied Ancient History and Archaeology and graduated in 2018. I absolutely loved my time studying at Newcastle University. I loved doing a course that I was passionate about and enjoyed in such an amazing city. I am looking forward to reaching students across the UK to inform them about higher education and hopefully inspire them to study something they will enjoy at University as much as I did."
Frances Devine, Outreach Ambassador

“Hi! I graduated with BSc Marketing and Management from Newcastle University Business School in 2019. I’ve had the best years of my life whilst studying at Newcastle University; I’ve made some of the most amazing and interesting friends from all across the world and from all sorts of backgrounds; I’ve fully immersed myself in the world of Business which has set me up for my ideal future career; and I’ve got involved in a huge variety of clubs and societies, such as Irish Dance, Ski Society, and the Raising & Giving Society (I was even a contestant on a charity version of Take Me Out!).

University is for everyone, and as Graduate Ambassador I am proud to share my incredible experiences from being a student at Newcastle Uni and inspire young people that a path into Higher Education and the Humanities is an invaluable one that should definitely be explored.”
Louise Donnelly, Outreach Ambassador

HaSS Outreach Ambassadors for 2019/20
Louise Donnelly and Frances Devine