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Visit Bursary

Visit Bursary

We can help with the costs of bringing your students to campus.

These funds can be used towards the cost of transport, or for staff cover costs. 

The funding is available to state schools/colleges only.

How to apply

  1. Your visit to Newcastle University is confirmed by a member of staff at the University.
  2. Schools can then complete the Visit Bursary request form – preferably before you attend your visit.
  3. Your request will then be picked up and confirmed by one of the team, who will send further details, including a claim form, by email.
  4. When you visit the University, please bring your claim form with you and ask the member of University staff running the event/leading the visit to sign it.
  5. In order for us to process your claim as quickly and as efficiently as possible, we request that you email us a copy of your signed claim form (along with any evidence, such as an invoice, if claiming more than £350) to the Visit Bursary email account within two weeks of your visit.
  6. This will then be picked up by one of our team who will arrange for the payment to be made. NB. The Visit Bursary reimburses your travel/cover costs; we do not pay them for you.

Visit Bursary applications will be considered on an individual basis, taking into account the number of visits and cumulative amount claimed per school during this academic year.

If you have any queries, please contact us to discuss this further.