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This activity session combines the three faculties of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), HaSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) and Medical Sciences giving students an introduction to the opportunities available at Higher Education in each of these subject areas.

Please note that if desired these sessions can be run individually.

STEM- This session gives students the perfect taster of the opportunities available within Science Technology Engineering and Maths. Students will explore Higher Education, courses involving STEM and careers STEM can lead into. This is followed by a Careers card game activity which gives students information about a variety of STEM careers and the study requirements to progress into various careers.

HaSS- This session gives students an insight into what HaSS is and what Humanities and Social Sciences courses can be studied at university level. It places emphasis on the flexible and broad nature of the faculty and its degrees programmes, including careers past students have gone into. This is followed by ‘Module Muddle’: an informative sorting game focused around understanding the exciting modules offered within each academic school in the faculty. Students work in groups to earn the most points, by matching the module titles to the subjects.

Medical Sciences – This session gives students a brief introduction into the possibility of studying Medicine or Dentistry at University. It outlines the benefits of careers in this field and the opportunities available from studying Medicine and Dentistry at University. This is followed by an interactive activity, where students will work in groups to explore different parts of a model human body. 

Type of activity:

Presentation & activity

Learner outcomes: 

To recognise the long term benefits of investing in a university education and the variety of opportunities available across all three subject areas.

The Graduate Ambassador Team provide a wide range of presentations and interactive activities for Years 7-13 all free of charge.

Booking a visit:

This activity is delivered in school by the Graduate Ambassador team. To book a visit from the Graduate Ambassadors you can fill in the form on this page or email
Alternatively you could speak to a member of the team by calling 0191 222 5394. 


120 minutes

Relevant subjects Type of activity Suitable audiences
  • Careers Advice
  • Progression to HE
  • Events in School
  • Y 10
  • Y 9