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University Safari

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19-20 and 22-23 November 2018 and 10-14 February 2019


University Safari is an opportunity for Year 6 pupils to visit Newcastle University for the day. Pupils will take part in a range of interactive sessions related to university and will be assisted by current university students throughout the day as ‘Student Safari Guides’!

This event will increase students' awareness of Higher Education and raise their aspirations whilst improving teamwork skills.

Register Your Interest

Register your interest for University Safari by Wednesday 17th September and we'll contact you to confirm whether there is availability for your school group.

Registrations of interest for our November dates will open on Monday 2nd October.

Please note: due to number restrictions we are only able to take a maximum of 35 pupils per booking and schools are only able to book onto one date. If this event becomes oversubscribed, places will be allocated based on the University's event eligibility criteria.

Provisional Programme




   University Safari Welcome


  Students Undercover

  Get creative with the Student Safari Guides and bring a 3D student to life! 


  Traveller's Tales

  Let your imagination run wild; as part of a team, students will create a short story based on a selection of random buzzwords and props! 




  Percy's Challenge

  Explore Newcastle University’s campus whilst playing a fun adventure game involving our mascot Percy the Lion!



  Graduate from University Safari and get your picture taken with the Newcastle University mascot, Percy the Lion!


  University Safari Round Up

  A brief goodbye from Newcastle University and informal feedback.



Relevant subjects Type of activity Suitable audiences
  • Progression to HE
  • Events on Campus
  • Y 6