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Archaeology of 20th Century Conflict - Teaching Pack

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Newcastle's Archaeology Schools project aims to encourage history teachers to make use of archaeological evidence and methods in the classroom. Archaeologists have made a huge contribution to the study of the First and Second World Wars, and we have produced a resource pack on 20th century conflict for use by history teachers who are covering this topic at KS3 /4. Alongside some background information on archaeology and its role in exploring the very recent past, this pack contains all the materials you need (from printable classroom resources to PPT presentations) to deliver three innovative, enquiry-based activities:

  • Make a museum: investigating WW1 ‘Trench Art'
  • Excavating and identifying WW1 soldiers buried at Fromelles
  • War scene investigation: excavating a  WW2 aircraft crash site

How to access the resource files:

General introductory materials are provided as word files, downloadable below. Interactive learning materials for the three activities named above are provided in zip files. Two of the three (WW1 soldiers at Fromelles and WW2 crash site) include interactive powerpoints, enhanced with sound files. To ensure they run correctly save the zip file to your computer, extract the files (right click, 'extract all') and then run the powerpoint from the folder which you have extracted.

Please feel free to amend the resources here in ways that suit you. We do however ask that you keep the 'Archaeology Schools' logo on all the materials you download. We have obtained special permission to use many of the images found in this pack, so please do not upload any element of this teaching pack onto the internet

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We will send a free copy of the pack to any teacher who requests one. Please use the blue enquiry form to the right of this page, or email


20th Century Conflict Pack Cover Sheet.doc

20th Century Conflict Pack - Image Locations and Permissions.doc

iii. Archaeology and 20th Century Conflict.doc

i. What is Archaeology.doc

ii. What is Material Culture.doc

Make a Museum - Trench

War Dead at - Part 1

War Dead at - Part 2

War Dead at - Part 3

War Dead at - part 4





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  • Archaeology
  • History
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