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A Soldier's Possessions - with artefact loan kit

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This activity is for use with KS 3/4 youngsters studying 20th-century conflict. It helps them to appreciate that non-textual sources (artefacts) are an important source of information about the past. Students work in groups and investigate four objects which might have been among the personal possessions of a soldier fighting in the trenches in WW1. These artefacts (a pair of 'dog tags'; a small vase made from a recycled shell casing; a brooch;  a 1914 'Princess Mary' tin) can be borrowed from Newcastle Archaeology - they box up into a very small container, and we can post them out to schools, which can return them the same way (recorded delivery). Teachers working in the region can also pick up the loan box from the School of History Classics and Archaeology Office. The accompanying PPT is self-explanatory: but we send out more detailed teachers' notes with the artefact loan box. The 'dog tags' are replicas - the other three objects are genuine WW1 artefacts.


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  • Archaeology
  • History
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  • Y 8
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  • KS 4