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We offer a range of lectures, demonstrations and artefact handling sessions, delivered for free at your school, or at the University, by our outreach team. Available sessions:

Skeletal stories: the study of human remains:

Lab session (PowerPoint and handling) looking at the ageing and sexing of human remains, and exploring what human bodies tell us about diet and disease in the past. We use a (plastic) teaching skeleton and real human remains.

Please note that this session involves human skeletal material and can only be offered at the University. We provide consent forms that must be signed by parents in advance of the session.

Human remains on display:

PowerPoint based lecture looking at the ethical issues surrounding the excavation and display (in museums) of human remains. Everyone likes to look at the ‘skellies’ in museums: but what are the rights and wrongs of this practice – do the dead have rights? A great way to engage children in a topical debate. This session can be brought into school, but works best if it is delivered at the university, when it can be combined with a visit to the Great North Museum and/or the osteoarchaeology lab session (above).

A WW1 soldier’s possessions:

Handling session and accompanying talk based around a small collection of WW1 artefacts (both real and replica): these include personal papers and trench art. This is an excellent companion to the Trench Art activity in the 20th Century Conflict teaching pack.

 Excavating slave ships:

A great introduction to underwater archaeology, and to what shipwrecks can tell us about the ‘middle passage’: the journey into slavery for Africans caught up in the transatlantic slave trade. Includes handling of replica artefacts. An excellent addition to your KS3 teaching on transatlantic slavery.

Careers Talk:

Archaeology at University and beyond:  a brief PowerPoint that can be delivered alongside any of our activities, if required.


You can contact us using the blue enquiry form to the right of the page or email our schools coordinator - Dr Jane Webster

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  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Events in School
  • Events on Campus
  • Y 7
  • Y 8
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  • KS 3
  • KS 4