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Primary Source Analysis

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This workshop introduces students to a wide range of sources and asks them to question their bias, provenance, purpose, etc. Access to original resources and use of online enquiry based learning ensures this is a source analysis lesson they are likely to remember. Please note: for GCSE and A level it may be possible to focus this upon their exam syllabus e.g. medicine through time, crime and punishment, 1906 election, etc.

Book this workshop:

To book a date for this workshop please contact Education Officer, Newcastle University Library (Special Collections) Tel:0191 208 2929

Relevant subjects Type of activity Suitable audiences
  • History
  • Events on Campus
  • Y 7
  • Y 8
  • Y 9
  • Y 10
  • Y 11
  • Y 12
  • Y 13
  • KS 3
  • KS 4
  • KS 5