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Where on Earth are we? Using Geomatics to explore the world around us

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This presentation introduces the world of Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and highlights how they relate to geographical concepts and phenomena that your students will be familiar with.  Satellite imagery, 3D mapping, and geohazards are just some of the examples used to show a fascinating and technical aspect to Geography.

Up to 50 pupils

Length of workshop: approximately 1 hour

Enquire about this workshop: 

Please contact Tom Bramald on or 0191 208 6350.



Relevant subjects Type of activity Suitable audiences
  • Computing and ICT
  • Mathematics - Applied
  • Geography - GIS
  • Events in School
  • Y 9
  • Y 10
  • Y 11
  • Y 12
  • Y 13
  • KS 4
  • KS 5