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Why study languages - bespoke school visits

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Routes into Languages North East is offering to send highly motivated and skilled student ambassadors into your school to enthuse your language pupils with a desire to continue studying. Particularly successful at key transition stages (GCSE options, A-Level, HE decisions), these visits have been running for several years now and can be tailed to your requirements.

What are the options?

  • year group assemblies
  • workshops for G&T pupils
  • classroom presentations
  • parent and governor evenings (yes, we'll even talk to your senior management team!
We like to keep our presentations interactive, so for smaller groups we adopt a workshop-style with small group work and structured Q & A sessions.


Which year group?

We think it helps most to work with pre-option groups (i.e. Year 8 in June, Year 9 before GCSE options, Year 11 before A1 choices, VI form before A2 choices and UCAS application). However, we are happy to fit into your department's strategy for motivating pupils and will do our best to fit your agenda.
We are particularly predisposed to attending schools who invite partner or feeder schools to the presentation.

Have we seen this presentation before?

We try to revamp our presentations every year, but yes, you may have heard some similar arguments before. However, our students are always enthused and convey their passion for languages with every word... and their personal experiences and reasons for learning languages are always very varied.
To register your interest in a school visit or to find out more please visit the Routes into Languages website and follow the registration links.
Relevant subjects Type of activity Suitable audiences
  • Modern Languages - Chinese
  • Modern Languages - French
  • Modern Languages - German
  • Modern Languages - Spanish
  • Progression to HE
  • Events in School
  • Events on Campus
  • Y 7
  • Y 8
  • Y 9
  • Y 10
  • Y 11
  • Y 12
  • Y 13
  • KS 3
  • KS 4
  • KS 5