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Year 9 MaD Days

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MaD Days (Medicine and Dentistry at Newcastle) are entering their fifth year in 2016/17 and so far we have welcomed almost 2000 students from across the area to the Medical School at Newcastle to explore the exciting world of Medicine and Dentistry. The days are an aspiration awareness raising experience aimed students with the desire and potential to study Medicine or Dentistry at University in the future.

The year 9 MaD Days allow students to explore both Medicine and Dentistry. They will receive a 1 hour interactive lecture on each subject and a 2 hour practical in both the Medicine and Dental Clinical Skills labs.

For the year 9 days, the teachers must book the places for their pupils. Each teacher can bring 10 students from their year 9 group and they are encouraged to bring students from WP backgrounds. Places are allocated on a first come first serve basis. Booking is now open.


Relevant subjects Type of activity Suitable audiences
  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Events on Campus
  • Y 9