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The Animals workshop offers students the opportunity to discover how animals have adapted to different habitats and climates.  The session uses our collection of handling taxidermy to help children learn for themselves about adaption and the importance of an animal’s habitat to how it looks and evolves. Whether your students are learning about local wildlife or more exotic creatures we can offer a unique experience that will get them engaged in the natural world.  It is even possible to meet one of our live animals as part of the session – ask about it when you book.

The workshop is complemented by a teacher-led gallery session using our innovative and interactive ‘Habitat Bags’.  Children can investigate the Living Planet or Natural Northumbria galleries by using the bags to explore the special features of eight different animals, from red squirrels to polar bears.

If your class is studying particular habitats, let us know when you book and we can discuss the focus of your workshop.

Free workshop:

Available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Relevant subjects Type of activity Suitable audiences
  • Biology
  • Events on Campus
  • Y 6
  • Y 5
  • Y 4
  • Y 3
  • KS 2