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Chemistry Laboratory sessions

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Held year-round on demand

Why not consider combining a half-day Laboratory Session with a half-day Spectroscopy Visit to make a full day event?

We host an increasing number of visits annually where schools can either carry out their own experiments in our laboratories or choose from our list of available practicals which are tailored to the requirements of the major A-level specifications but often involving apparatus not available in schools, e.g. fume cupboards, rotary evaporators and infra-red spectrometers, thus giving their students the experience of practical Chemistry in a university setting. We are able to assist by providing lab space, equipment and technical assistance, and in most cases all the chemicals. Some of these experiments are also suitable for GCSE Triple Award Chemistry students too!

Typical organic chemistry experiments include nitration of methylbenzoate, synthesis of food-flavouring esters and the production of the pharmaceuticals aspirin, antifebrin and benzocaine. For inorganic chemistry the preparation of a variety of transition metal complexes are available. We also have a range of quantitative analytical practicals including analysis of the copper content of brass and other copper-containing alloys and measuring the concentration of sulphate or nitrate ions in water, all by colorimetry.

Sessions will usually be held in our dedicated Chemistry Outreach Laboratory which is available to schools on demand for groups of up to 21 students for fume cupboard experiments.

For more information or to book:

Please visit our Chemistry Outreach website or contact us directly.

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