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Chemistry of the Senses

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Held year-round on demand

This presentation is designed to show that Chemistry is involved in the use of all our senses - Sight (light), Sound, Taste, Smell and Touch (hot & cold) through some spectacular demonstrations and audience participation.

We bring all the chemicals and equipment we require - all the venue need to provide is a data projector and screen and a couple of trestle-type tables for the demonstrations. It also helps if the venue doesn't have a smoke alarm! :-)

Originally aimed at students in years 12 & 13 it has also been successfully delivered to year 11 GCSE students and gifted and talented year 3 & 4 students.

This presentation was designed jointly by School of Chemistry staff Dr Lee Higham and Dr Peter Hoare in response to an invitation  from the Chemistry Department at the Open University to deliver their annual 6th form Christmas Lectures in Milton Keynes in December 2009. Peter was also honoured to be invited to co-deliver the lecture, with Northumbria University outreach colleague Anne Willis, as the second annual RSC Newcastle and North-East Coast Local Section "Kilcoyne Lecture" during National Science and Engineering Week 2012 to a full house consisting mainly of families with primary-age children in Lecture Theatre 1, Bedson Building.

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For further details, go to our Chemistry Outreach page or contact us directly.

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