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The School of Chemistry is committed to delivering a wide range of quality outreach activities, all of which aim to foster closer links with both local and regional schools and the wider community. Our range of core activities are mostly available on demand throughout the year and, with the exception of our A-level Revision Workshops, are completely free of charge to all schools.

We can offer a selection of placements, presentations, A-level revision workshopslaboratory facilitiesspectroscopy visits and careers talks to secondary schools and 6thform colleges, and we can also provide both middle and primary schools with support for your science activities. We also offer teachers CPD sessions, especially those to support the teaching of A-level Chemistry, both in-house and in conjunction with the North East Science Learning Centre and/or the Royal Society of Chemistry and/or AQA.

We actively welcome requests for bespoke or ad hoc activities from local schools or other interested groups working with young people to promote science.

Our new dedicated Chemistry Outreach Laboratory facility, which opened in April 2010, will further enhance both the quality and quantity of practical laboratory sessions we will be able to offer to local schools on a regular basis in the future.

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For further details please visit our Chemistry Outreach page or contact us directly.


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