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Inspiring Seas: Module B – Shipping in our everyday lives

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From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, the shipping industry is of vital importance to us all. From the history of shipping to globalisation, commodities and trade, this module provides a valuable cross-curricular resource to supplement humanities-based education.

Our interactive slideshows allow you to watch as raw materials get converted, manufactured, packaged, shipped and delivered as a final product right to your door steps. Join us as we voyage the great ocean waves and explore the importance of our maritime motorways.

Files include   

Shipping through time

Explore the history of shipping, from Stone-Age to present day, and how it has shaped Britain as we now know it. This resource has cross-disciplinary links between history, geography, design and technology and physics and is designed to be taught as a mini-module rather than a single-lesson resource.

What do ships do?

Explore the diversity of jobs and services that ships undertake and provide; from dredging and fishing to the global trade of commodities such as electrical goods, fossil fuels and food

Commodities and trade

Explore the global trade of commodities, from raw material to final product, and the role shipping has to play in generating a global economy, before considering the ethical implications of globalisation and encouraging pupils to map the journey of their own chosen commodity

The future of shipping

Encourage pupils to weigh up the socio-economic benefits and environmental costs of shipping before undertaking independent research and enquiry to illustrate how the maritime industry can be made 'greener' for the future in the form of an eco-ship design task

Shipping in society

Consolidate everything learned from Module B so far by encouraging pupils to write a newspaper article that balances the socio-economic benefits and environmental costs of shipping from a present day and future perspective
Shipping Through Time
What Do Ships Do?
Commodities and Trade
The Future of Shipping
Shipping in Society
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  • Geography
  • History
  • Resources
  • Y 9
  • Y 8
  • Y 7
  • KS 3