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Inspiring Seas: Module C - Shipping and the environment

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Catalytic converters aren’t just for cars. Learn about the environmental effects of shipping and how environmentally aware shipping companies are reducing their impact.

From managing oil pollution and ballast water discharge, to onboard renewable energy devices, marine alien management and practical technologies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This module provides a valuable resource for environmental sustainability and physics teaching.

Files Include:

Is shipping really that important?

An introductory activity to the environmental impacts of shipping vs. the social and economic benefits of the industry.

Gas problems...

A critical take on the contribution of shipping to emissions, and what responsible shipping companies are doing to reduce their contribution.

Ship sludge: a lost cause?

A critical take on the contribution of shipping to oil pollution in the marine environment, and what is being done by responsible shipping companies to reduce their contribution.

Marine aliens

An activity introducing pupils to threat of marine alien species and what they can do to help.

Paint science

Why paint science in important and what has been learned through past mistakes concerning the shipping industry

Eco-ship design

Encourage pupils to design their own eco-friendly ships while consolidating everything learned from Module C so far

Shipping on trial

Debate the sustainability of the shipping industry for the 21st century using these resources for a simulated courtroom debate

Relevant subjects Type of activity Suitable audiences
  • Biology
  • Engineering
  • Design Technology
  • Marine Science
  • Physics
  • Resources
  • Y 9
  • Y 8
  • Y 7
  • KS 3