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Inspiring Seas: Module F – Desert Island Survival Guide

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Picture the scenario; you are stranded on a desert island with nothing around you except a few basic supplies and the roaring sea crashing up against the rocks that you now call home. This cross-curricular module gives enquiry-based learning an imaginative slant.

Learn how to make fires, what materials make a good shelter, and how to create a sundial to keep track of the time. Find food and fresh water to provide you with a balanced diet and keep you alive. Learn how to treat stings and bites and acquire key survival tips for the best chances of getting rescued. This module holds scope for activities both within and outside the classroom environment.

Files Include:

Choosing buddies

Choose who stays and who goes in this first leg of an epic journey into desert island life

Finding water

"Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink" - discover how to obtain drinking water from seawater in this second instalment of life on Limpet Island...

Starting fires

A hands-on activity designed to apply the theory of combustion into practice, with access to only a few limited supplies

Building shelters

Design, make and evaluate your very own desert island shelter to keep you dry and warm on Limpet Island

Finding food

Devise a balanced healthy diet, based entirely on foods from the sea, in this next instalment of life from Limpet Island

Making sundials

Learn how to tell the time without the use of a watch! Keep morale on Limpet Island high by making and testing your very own sundial

Treating stings, wounds and bites

Apply the chemistry of desert island survival to treating stings, wounds and bites while stranded on Limpet Island

Making soap

Allow pupils to practice their scientific communication skills by leading you the teacher in a soap making practical

Escape from Limpet Island

Build a raft to escape Limpet Island in this last instalment of desert island life

Desert island survivor certificate

A certificate to award to those pupils who make it through their desert island training alive!

Relevant subjects Type of activity Suitable audiences
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Physics
  • Marine Science
  • Resources
  • Y 7
  • Y 8
  • Y 9
  • KS 3