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Maritime Heritage: Fishing in Cullercoats

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Pupils will learn about fishing in the local area of Cullercoats in the north east of England through different activities. By engaging with outdoor education pupils will learn about how the coast has changed and how industry has changed. Pupils will learn visually by engaging in a powerpoint presentations while discussing ideas and will use team work around the harbour to identify the changes. 

Key Stage:  2 and 3

Extension Activities:

  • Worksheet 1: Spot the difference: We used Cullercoats harbour as our past and present activity by visiting Cullercoats harbour and asking pupils to make teams of four. We gave students the four photograph worksheets and asked the pupils to go to each location where the photograph was taken and asked them to list five differences between what they see now and what they see in the photograph. Then we asked pupils to get back together to discuss answers. However you could replicate this activity by using your local area and heritage with the use of historic photographs.
  • Pupils could write a diary entry of what they think a day in the life of a child in 1804 would be like and the challenges they would have faced.
  • Pupils could draw a cartoon strip detailing life in Cullercoats in the 1800s being as creative as possible. At the end of this activity pupils could swap cartoon strips to read.
  • Pupils could draw a picture detailing the fishing industry in 1800s and show it to the rest of the class to explain their picture. You could show Winslow Homer’s Cullercoats paintings for ideas for the pupils to use or use The Tale of The Herring website for photographs from Cullercoats for ideas.

Find out more:

If you would like to find out more about this class or if you would like to discuss a field trip to the Dove Marine Laboratory in more detail you can use the blue enquiry form to the right of this page. Alternatively you can contact our Marine Education Officer, by email or by telephone: 0191 208 3066.

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Worksheet 1: spot the difference

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