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Rocky Shore Ecology

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This lesson on Rocky Shore Ecology is ideal if you are teaching your students about habitats, classification, survey techniques, or adaptations


This lesson introduces the topic of rocky shore habitats. Students will explore and describe:

  • The factors that affect the distribution of an organism on the rocky shore
  • How organisms are adapted to living in rocky shore habitats with examples


First use the power point presentation to introduce the topic of Rocky Shore Ecology and then conduct a survey on the your local Rocky Shore.

If you would like to visit the Dove Marine Laboratory to learn marine ecology from the experts.  Please contact our Marine Education Officer by email or by phone 0191 208 3066.



Teachers notes

Powerpoint Part 1

Powerpoint Part 2

Powerpoint Part 3

Survey form

Relevant subjects Type of activity Suitable audiences
  • Marine Science
  • Biology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Resources
  • Events on Campus
  • Y 12
  • Y 13
  • KS 5