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Sea Survival (Robinson Crusoe Day)

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On the theme of Robinson Crusoe, pupils learn how they could potentially survive on the Rocky Shore. By the end of the session pupils will be able to

  • To explain what we need in order to survive i.e. Food, water, shelter.
  • To describe how to achieve a balanced diet from the rocky shore
  • Build a model shelter that is waterproof, simple and wind proof

Summary of Activities:

  • The principles of balanced diets
  • Pupils will explore the rocky shore and gather food
  • Pupils will have the opportunity to try different types of seafood (smoked mackerel, cooked prawns, smoked salmon, mussels, squid and octopus)
  • In teams, pupils will build a model shelter (materials provided)

Extension activities:

  • Pupils could have the opportunity to visit the Dove Marine Laboratory’s research aquarium.
  • Pupils could draw and write a post card /message in bottle explaining to friends and family the skills they have learnt in order to survive on limpet island.
  • Activity on coastal erosion

Links to NC - Literacy – writing postcards, word search - Citizenship – balanced diet - Art, design and creativity – shelter building - Outdoor learning - Science – looking at the marine organisms, learning about marine habitats.

Appropriate for:

Key Stage 2 pupils (but can be adapted for Key Stage 1)

Enquire or Book Now:

To discuss the event in more detail or to book you can use the blue enquiry form to the right of this page. Alternatively you can contact our Marine Education Officer, by e-mail or by telephone: 0191 208 3066.

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