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Spectroscopy in a Suitcase

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We bring portable spectrometers into schools and colleges, to let students have hands-on experience running and interpreting spectra.


Visits are free of charge to all schools, as the RSC both provides the spectrometers and funds the universities expenses to deliver the sessions. The sessions are available all year round.

There are currently 30 universities participating across the UK and Eire. They are shown on SIAScoverage. The original 15 universities are shown in blue and listed on the first page. New universities which came into the scheme from August 2014 are shown in green, and are listed on the second page.

Type of Activity:



60-120 minutes


The spectrometers that Newcastle can provide are:

  • BioChrom UV-VIS
  • Thermo PicoSpin 45MHz 1H NMR
  • Bruker Alpha FT-IR

Every participating university has the Bruker Alpha FT-IR spectrometer. Only the original 15 (including Newcastle) have the BioChrom uv-vis spectrometer, and only 9 (again including Newcastle) currently have the Thermo PicoSpin 1H NMR spectrometer.

Booking a visit:

Further details are available on the RSC SIAS website, or you can Peter Hoare ( for more information. 

Book a session using the RSC online booking form

Relevant subjects Type of activity Suitable audiences
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Events in School
  • Y 13
  • Y 12
  • Y 11
  • Y 10