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WISDOM: Women In Science Doing Outstanding Maths

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A common misconception is that studying Mathematics is for boys. In this event we hope to dispel that myth and show girls (and their Mum, or other interested guardian) that there are strong successful women who use mathematics in a variety of interesting ways every day in their careers.

The aims of the event are to:
- Showcase some of the careers that women with a mathematical background have gone into
- Stimulate the curiosity of year 9/10 girls and promote the study of maths at A-level and beyond

Attendees will include:
- Academics from the School of Mathematics and Statistics
- Excellent female speakers
- Current undergraduate students in the School of Mathematics & Statistics.
- Women from industry and other subject areas within the University who have a mathematical background or who use mathematics & statistics in the workplace

The event will take place in late June each year and is held on campus in the evening from 4.30 - 7.30pm. Year 9/10 girls are encouraged to attend with their parents but many schools bring groups of students as a trip and this also works well.

To enquire about this event or to add your name to our contact list, please contact

Relevant subjects Type of activity Suitable audiences
  • Mathematics - Statistics
  • Physics
  • Events on Campus
  • Y 9
  • Y 10
  • Parents and Carers