Newcastle University: at the heart of a Science City

The Government designated Newcastle a 'Science City' in 2005, in recognition of its remarkable achievements in science and technology. The University shares the belief that by working together, we can build a world-class economy in North East England to the benefit of
the UK as a whole.

The University can supply the necessary research, technology and graduates - and we can build on our excellent relationships with businesses and the public sector.

Satellite technologyWe have joined forces with seven other leading universities in Northern England to form the N8 group whose combined research power rivals that of universities in London and the South East.

With Government support, the North East can develop new ways of applying science and technology to the benefit of society, perhaps serving as a blueprint for the rest of the UK.

The University has formed a partnership with Newcastle City Council and One NorthEast, the regional development agency, to create an ambitious science, education and commercial complex in Newcastle city centre.

Science Central will be the hub of Newcastle Science City and will forge links with other innovative science and business sites in Newcastle, such as the Centre for Life, the Campus for Ageing and Vitality and the University itself.

The North East has already pioneered one industrial revolution and believes that history can be repeated, not with coal and heavy engineering but with the growth industries of the 21st century, such as biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

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