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Modelling and Simulation of Organic Rankine Cycle Waste Heat Recovery System

NewRIIS would like to congratulate our PhD student, Ng Chun Wee who has just passed his viva voce on 14 December subject to minor correction of his thesis. The panel of examiners consists of two professors  from the Russell group of universities. His work titled “Modelling and Simulation of Organic Rankine Cycle Waste Heat Recovery System with the Operational Profile of a Ship” was supervised by Dr Ben Wetenhall in the UK and Associate Professor Ivan CK Tam in Singapore.

Chun Wee started his PhD journey in September 2016 and was scheduled to complete his research work in September 2022. Despite the fact being on part-time basis, he has managed to submit his work ahead of planned schedule. This is due to a combination of diligence and extreme focus to his goal during the pandemic in the last two years. Chun Wee was able to travel to Newcastle twice and worked in the laboratory with his UK supervisor during his course of study. His excellent time and project management skill made these opportunities possible.

Chun Wee has published several research articles in journals and conferences, such as Journal of Marine of Marine Science & Engineering and ORC seminars etc. Some of these publications were cited by other researchers in the scientific communities recently. Hence, this demonstrates the impact of his work in the area of sustainability and significance towards net zero carbon emissions in the maritime industry.

Chunwee is a mature student at NewRIIS and he graduated with a BEng in Marine Engineering from Newcastle University in the UK in 2004 and thereafter he obtained his two Masters degrees in Maritime Studies (NTU) and Offshore Technology (NUS). He has accumulated 17 years of experience in marine and offshore industry and is now employed as a Principal Engineer and Project Manager in the classification society, DNV. NewRIIS is glad to share the news with our readers that Chun Wee will help deliver a MSc module cum CPD workshop titled “Regulatory Framework and Marine Survey” in February/March 2022. Once again, we would like to congratulate Chun Wee in completion of his PhD just in time for the festive seasons. Well Done!

PHD candidate
Chun Wee and his wife in Greece after a conference in Athens

published on: 23 December 2021