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Water Security and Sustainable Development Symposium: focus on SEA Sept 2022

It was wonderful to see many familiar and new faces at NewRIIS and online as NewRIIS hosted the Water Security and Sustainable Development Symposium with a focus on SE Asia.  We were fortuante enough to have expertise from colleagues across the region and from the UK, and NewRIIS would like to thank our speakers;

Massimo Maio - Director of operations at Water for Cambodia

Shanshan Wang - Senior Engineer at Arup Singapore

Pro Paul Chen - Professor Environmental and Chemical Engineering at the National Unviersity of Singapore

Dr Soydoa Vinitnantharat - Associate Professor of Energy, Environment and Materials at King Mongkut’s University of Technology

Dr Indraji Pai - Associate Professor and Chair in the Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation, and Management at Asian Institute of Technology

Prof Russel Davenport - Prof of Engineering for the Environment and human Health at Newcastle University

Dr Michaela Goodson - Dean of Research at Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Dr Yuen Ling Ng - Assistant Professor and Degree Programme Dictor at Newcastle University in Singapore

Dr Yen Nee Tan - Associate Professor at Newcastle University in Singapore


A special thanks to Dr Claire Walsh and Prof Stuart Edwards for supporting the organization and development of the event.

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