Newcastle University in Singapore

Staff Profile

Julia Grierson

Deputy Chief Operating Officer NUIS


Bachelor of Laws (Hons) following an H.N.D. in Business Management and Finance

Associate Member C.I.P.D.(UK)

Julia joined Newcastle University in Singapore in January 2018.  Her role has day to day responsibility for four business functions: IT, Finance, HR and Operations. Julia also leads on health and safety, information governance and data protection, corporate insurance, equality and diversity and the on-going development of operational policies and procedures.

Previously, Julia worked in a number of senior management roles, the most recent being in the NHS in the UK. As a Senior Business Manager, Julia was responsible for the business management function which delivered 62 specialty training programmes for 1800 junior doctors in the North East of England. Responsibilities included: annual business planning; budget management circa GBP56million; directorate governance; risk management; quality management review processes; policy and process development. Prior to this, Julia has held senior roles in both the private and public sectors including: lecturer in higher education; Head of Personnel for a print and logistics business; operations manager for European tour operators (UK and abroad).

Julia is passionate about education and the importance of continual learning at every stage of our lives: “In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future…” E. Hoffer