School of Medical Education

Staff Profile

Dr David Kennedy

Deputy Head of School & MBBS Degree Programme Director


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Deputy Head of School of Medical Education
  • MBBS Degree Programme Director
  • Director of Learning and Teaching, School of Medical Education
  • Examinations lead and Chair of Phase I MBBS Meetings of Examiners
  • Chair Phase I MBBS Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee
  • Member of the MBBS Admissions Executive
  • University representative for the Physiological Society



  • Physiological Society

External roles


  • Newcastle representative, Medical Schools Council Assessment Alliance (MSC-AA)
  • Newcastle representative, Member, Medical Schools Council Selection Alliance (MSC- SA)
  • Newcastle representative, UK Council of Teachers of Professionalism
  • University Nominated Non-Executive Director, North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • External Examiner, Nottingham University A101 programme (2012-2016)


Undergraduate Teaching

Tutor of the Accelerated MBBS programme. Contribution includes cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and gastrointestinal physiology, neurophysiology, basic sciences and maths tuition.

Unit lead for Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Renal Medicine 1 (CRRM1) with the MBBS programme.

Teaching contributions in MBBS include:

  • Molecules to Disease
  • Nutrition, Metabolism and Endocrinology 1 and 2
  • Life Cycle 1
  • Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Renal Medicine 1 and 2

Teaching contribution in Biomedical Sciences includes:

  • CMB1004: Cell Biology (Endocrinology)
  • CMB2006: Clinical Skills (Cardiovascular, ECG)

Postgraduate Teaching

Master in Clinical Education (Principles and Practice of Teaching module)