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Dr Jacqueline Spence

Senior Lecturer


Brief Career History


I began my career in the Pathology Department at Dryburn Hospital in Durham (now UHND) where I worked in the Histology/Cytology Laboratory as a biomedical scientist for 6 years. I left to take up a short term post as a senior research technician working on my own project in the Plant Sciences Division of the Biological Sciences Department at Durham University. I published the results of my research as an MSc Thesis in 1992.


I stayed at Durham to study for a PhD in Plant Cell Biology then worked for a number of years as a post-doctoral researcher in plant cell biology and pro-rata associate lecturer teaching across the Biological Sciences disciplines until I joined the new Phase 1 Medicine Programme at Durham Queen’s Campus in 2001. In 2005 I took up the post of Deputy Head of Undergraduate Medicine at Durham and remained with the medicine programme until it closed in 2017.


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