School of Medical Education

Staff Profile

Katriona Watson

Assistant Registrar (UG Med. Education)


Roles and Responsibilities

Secretary to the MBBS Board of Medical Studies and working with Director of Medical Studies and DPD on short, medium and long-term planning of the curriculum.

In conjunction with the Assistant Registrar for Assessment, lead and manage the team responsible for admissions, curriculum support and assessment to all MBBS students. This includes liaising with Durham University, Queens Campus in relation to the Phase I MBBS students taught in Stockton.

Main contact for external, academic and community partners in relation to the quality an delivery of the MBBS programmes which includes the GMC, Northern Deanery, 9 Regional hospital Trusts, and over 150 General Practices.

Co-ordination and leadership of the Administrative staff responible for the planning, organisation and delivery of the clinical curriculum within the Region to ensure the quality of the student experience.

Co-ordination and leadership of VLE's for students and staff, together with the electronic student record system.