School of Medical Education

Staff Profile

Susan McAllister

School Administrator



Susan has responsibility to provide a comprehensive professional support service to the Head of School to meet the objectives of the School and to assure the future sustainability of the School.  

Susan manages and advises the Head of School on all HR, Finance and Estates matters. Susan works closely with the Clinical Placements and Finance Co-ordinator in the administration of activities involved in delivering and managing clinical placements for MBBS students. Susan also works with the Sub Dean for Primary and Community Care, Associate Sub Deans and Senior Medical Tutors to take forward the strategic development of Primary Care delivery within the MBBS programme. Susan assists the academic lead for MBBS Staff Development in taking forward the strategic development of staff training and recognition. Susan is also responsible for the administration of the School’s Postgraduate Taught Programme facilitating effective communication and liaison with the Graduate School, to ensure that all processes comply with University regulations and policies.