School of Medical Education

MBBS Teachers' Development Programme

MBBS Teachers' Development Programme

More than 7,000 healthcare professionals have benefited from our teaching development workshops. They're available to everyone involved in teaching MBBS students.

We design sessions in response to the changing needs of our Programmes. We focus on active learning, communication skills, small group work and student-centred learning. Some sessions have been awarded Health Education England North East Course Recognition.

The sessions are informal, friendly and participative in nature. Most groups are kept small to encourage participation. Sessions are held both on campus and across the region at our Clinical Base Units. Appropriate accreditation is usually available for attendees.

Professional recognition

Health Education North East recognises programmes for their contribution to teacher training, as defined within the NFME curriculum objectives.

Many of our staff development sessions have been awarded HENE Course Recognition, including:

  • Calgary Cambridge Communications Teaching
  • Clinical Teaching
  • Educational Supervisor Training
  • Induction to MBBS
  • In-course assessment
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • GP Teachers Development Programme (level one)
  • Large Group Teaching
  • OSCE Training - assessing clinical skills
  • MOSLER Training
  • Practical Training in Ethics Teaching
  • Small Group Teaching
  • Students in Difficulty