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Biomedical Sciences Transfer

Biomedical Sciences Transfer

Each year, the Medical School considers applications to transfer to Year 1 of the MBBS degree programme from students registered on Stage 1 of one of the Medical Faculty's undergraduate Bioscience degree programmes.

There is a target of up to seven places, and there is always a great deal of competition. Candidates must satisfy the selectors and fulfil the same criteria as all other applicants to the course.

Students must be registered at Newcastle University, Faculty of Medical Sciences, for one of the Bioscience degree programmes. Only one application will be considered.


If you wish to apply to be considered through the internal transfer route, we would be unable to consider a UCAS application in the same admission cycle.

Students on the:

  • BSc Food and Human Nutrition
  • BSc Food and Human Nutrition with Placement
  • BSc Nutrition with Food Marketing
  • BSc Nutrition with Food Marketing with Placement
  • BSc Sport and Exercise Science

are not eligible for this transfer scheme.

Biomedical Sciences Transfer Online Application

Biomedical Sciences Transfer Information 2020 (PDF: 201KB)