School of Medical Education

General Practice

General Practice

We see the relationship between primary and secondary care as crucial. Our students gain experience in general practice from the very beginning of their course.

Early clinical and community experience

Newcastle is a pioneer of early clinical and community experience (ECCE). You can find out more about our rich history with it.

General practitioners are integral to all years of the course, with teaching in the community a core part of your clinical experience and training.

While on clinical placements in the region, you will be attached to a general practice. This may be an inner-city or rural practice.

Student selected components

There are opportunities to engage in further experience in general practice during the student selected components (SSCs) part of the programme.

Currently there are approximately 220 general practices involved in delivering aspects of the Newcastle curriculum. Many of them are also involved in postgraduate GP training.

This large network of GPs is led by Dr Hugh Alberti, the Sub-Dean for Primary and Community Care.

Dr Alberti's own practice is located in Middlesbrough. He is supported by a team of senior clinical GP teachers and administrative staff.