School of Medical Education


Welcome to Medicine at Newcastle

Pro-Vice-Chancellor David Burn welcomes you to the School of Medical Education.

Excellent medical teaching

I can still remember the anticipation and excitement of my first term at Medical School.

Believe it or not, I can also still remember the name of the first patient I met with diabetes, who I was asked to take a history from.

I hope that you will have the same positive life experience when undertaking your degree.

And what better course and place for this than undertaking an MBBS in Newcastle? We pride ourselves on delivering excellent medical teaching.


Medicine has been delivered in Newcastle since 1st October 1834. The School of 1834 was effectively the founding school of Newcastle University.

The first officially recognised lectures at the School of Medicine and Surgery in Newcastle were the culmination of years of discussion among a group of local practitioners.

They felt passionately that health provision was insufficient and that medical careers required greater levels of professionalisation through high quality and practical learning.


These founding principles of quality training with a strong emphasis on professional development still underpin our successful and highly regarded curriculum today.   

As student numbers grew and public demand for trained doctors increased, Newcastle rapidly became the leading provincial school for medical teaching outside London and Oxbridge.

We now provide training for almost 1,800 medical students across the North East of England and Cumbria as a Regional Medical School.

Strong regional and international links

Our training significantly benefits from strong links with hospital trusts from Carlisle to Middlesbrough, with committed and enthusiastic clinical educators.

We are delighted that a high proportion of our graduates choose to live and work as doctors in the region after graduation.

We also pride ourselves in taking an international approach to training medical students.

After building a Medical Campus in Malaysia in 2011, we have now graduated three cohorts of doctors who are working in the Malaysian Health Care system.

Excellence with a purpose

I believe that a career in medicine epitomises Newcastle University’s aim to deliver “Excellence with a Purpose”. Our Medical School prides itself in equipping students with the knowledge and skills required to achieve this.

Head of School, David Burn.