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Alliance Française

Alliance Française

Promoting French language and culture in the North East

The Alliance Française was founded in Paris in 1883. It is an internationally known, non-profit making organisation, with its headquarters in the French capital. Its worldwide governing body is the Fondation Alliance Française.

The Alliance Française has three missions:

  • to offer French language courses to people all around the world
  • to raise awareness of French and Francophone cultures 
  • to promote cultural diversity

The Alliance Française is recognised as an important arm of the French cultural presence overseas, consisting of more than 1,200 centres in 136 countries.

As part of its cultural and social activities, based on furthering knowledge of and interest in France and the French, it is the largest French language teaching organisation in the world.


Alliance Française de Newcastle upon Tyne

Our branch of Alliance Française was founded in 1941, as a means to unite the British and Free French war effort in the region.

It helped to spread an understanding of the French position after the defeat of 1940.

Monthly talks in French and social meetings began, and the association has been in constant operation since.

We now organise a monthly talk in French and a number of social events. The current president is Alison Lambert. 

Membership covers all levels of ability in French, from relative beginners to native French speakers. All are welcome. 

We benefit from support from the Délégation générale de l'Alliance Française auprès de la Grande-Bretagne (Manchester), who we must thank for their support.