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Double bill of two contemporary Chinese plays in English translation.

Date/Time: 10/02/17 18:00

Venue: Northern Stage

Song of the Yellow Earth (6.00 pm rehearsed reading)
Old Sung, as he lies dying, leaves his three sons something: not a fortune, but a debt. Under the leadership of Old Sung, a brick factory was built in the village but later it ended in failure. As a result, the villagers owe a large amount of money. However, Jun, Old Sung’s eldest son, hopes to fulfil his father's last wish, so proposes that he and his brothers should pay the whole debt. Meanwhile, his decision is opposed by his wife and his younger brother...   
Relationships (7.00 pm performance)
A middle-aged man with a successful career and a happy family, Sha Chenxing seems to have everything. However, behind the peaceful illusion, he is actually trapped in complex relationships with three women: a wife who has borne all the hardships with him; a secret lover who loves him with all her heart, and a young beautiful girl who has just came into his life. Marriage, love and excitement.... what will happen when lies are exposed and love becomes a burden? The choice is inevitable and sacrifices need to be made, but what will Chenxing choose?

Translated and staged by students of Translation and Interpreting in the School of Modern Languages.

Tickets £10, or £3 for students on production of a smart card, from Northern Stage box office or website.