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Conceptions of Human in the Anthropocene

The notion of the Anthropocene has long been criticised for its inherent “anthropocentrism“ and “human exceptionalism“.

Date/Time: 1-2 pm, Wed. 15 May 2019

Venue: Room 2.20, Old Library Building

Guest speaker: Eva Horn, University of Vienna

This presentation will point out different conceptions of the human in order to better understand the inherent rifts and contradictions in thinking about the human as a subject of the Anthropocene. This will help clarify the paradoxical nature of human agency as a “geological force“. The talk will also address some of the prominent propositions for a new understanding of the human as “stewards“ of the Earth in Ecomodernism, and as “kin“ to other species in Ecological Posthumanism. It will propose a third position that takes the rift between diverging conceptions into account and that enables us to better understand the specific agency of humans.

Conceptions of Human in the Anthropocene
Conceptions of Human in the Anthropocene