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2018-19 Sakura Network Project

Sakura network project for 2018/19 was led by Kumi Casey, Project Manager, and funded by the Japan Foundation

  • Our students and exchange students from Japan delivered Japanese language taster sessions at the Anime Attacks 8 in the Gateshead Central Library on 20th Oct, 2018.  The participants enjoyed learning about basic Japanese language and culture. 

Japanese taster lesson 2018 Japanese taster lesson_Jill

  • Prof Toda from Waseda University in Tokyo visited Newcastle University to give a talk on Japanese pronunciation for communication on 28th Nov 2018.  About eighty people attended the interactive seminar and enjoyed learning the practice method to improve pronunciation.

Prof Toda from Waseda University 1 Prof Toda from Waseda University 1

  • Fumika Cartlidge, Japanese language teacher ran the Japanese club assisted by Moe Hasegawa, an exchange student from Japan at local schools and in the Gateshead Central Library to provide school children as well as the general public the opportunity to learn about Japanese language and culture.  The school children enjoyed Fumika’s sessions which featured Japanese seasonal events such as “Hina-matsuri (Girls’ festival)”. 

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published on: 17 April 2019