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'Golden Days' 《良辰美景》 by Zhao Yaomin, 23rd February--a full house

The 2018 annual play in translation by students of the Translating and Interpreting Section was enthusiastically received on 23 February.

Students of the Translating and Interpreting Section of the School of Modern Languages performed 'Golden Days' by Zhao Yaomin to a full house on Friday 23rd February. The English translation of this typical, culturally embedded play was done collaboratively by the students who staged it. The play explores the problems of a family of professional 'kunqu' actors trying to survive in, first, the Communist planned economy, then the market economy of China in the latter half of the twentieth century. One of the effects of economic and political change is that the fluidity of gender common on the traditional Chinese stage is perceived differently. 

A scene from 'Golden Days' (Zhao Yaomin), the 2018 translation play translated and performed by SML Translating and Interpreting Section students
Scene from 'Golden Days'

published on: 1 March 2018