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A Video Game Localisation Workshop with Keywords Studios

As part of the development of the subtitling and videogame translation module, Mr. Dariush Robertson organised a video game localisation workshop on the 13th of February, 2019, with an attendance of over 100 MA and BA T&I students from SML.

The video game industry is currently worth 137.9 billion USD, and around 70% of this is generated through localisation. Each month, hundreds of new games are released, some with more words than the average novel. This means that there is a huge demand for video game translators. It is important for schools to provide students with the skills to excel in the industry; however, providing that first point of contact, the leap from academia to industry, can make all the difference, and this was the driving spirit of the collaboration.

As industry leaders in video game localisation, Keywords Studios were impressed that the T&I MA programme at Newcastle University provides modules in translation technology and video game translation. Keywords Studios were enthusiastic to collaborate with the school, and have the opportunity to inspire and potentially hire some of the 130+ talented Chinese linguists on the Chinese T&I MA course, as well as students from the European strand.

This culminated in the presentation of a three-hour workshop on video game localisation, for which Keywords Studios sent two of their finest employees:

Kah Hui Teo (Singapore): a Global Localization Manager of Keywords Studios, who currently heads the Localization teams in Keywords Singapore, Shanghai and Taipei Studios.
Simone Benincasa (Italy): a Resource Coordinator for EMEA and American languages at the Text Loc Global Resource Management team, managing more than 1300 resources around the globe in more than 100 different language pairs.

Both speakers have backgrounds in T&I, and exemplify what students at Newcastle can potentially achieve in the industry with the right localisation knowledge and translation technology skills.


(From left to right: Kah Hui Teo, Dariush Robertson, and Simone Benincasa)

The event saw the attendance of over one-hundred students from the Chinese and European MA strands, and students from the BA section. The speakers covered several topics including the history of video game localisation, as presented by Simone:


Kah Hui, however, covered topics more specific to Chinese-to-English and English-to-Chinese video game translation. These two directions have a large and growing demand, and many students on the T&I MA programme are equipped with the required technical competency, translations skills, and passion for careers in this growing industry:


Keywords Studios provided a digital link, from which all 100+ attendees could use to potentially register as freelancers. Keywords Studios will also provide students at the School of Modern Languages with opportunities for in-house positions and internships. This cooperative programme is set to run every year, establishing strong links between Newcastle University and industry leaders, while boosting the career prospects of our students.

published on: 27 February 2019