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The Real Translation Project 10 Years Anniversary

Celebrations for the completion of projects by final year language students and the 10th anniversary of the Real Translation Project!

10-Year Anniversary of Real Translation!

Staff, students and representatives of Newcastle Castle and CRIC (Cultural Narratives of Crisis and Renewal research project) gathered on the 8th May to celebrate the work undertaken this year.  Twenty-eight final year students translated the Newcastle Castle audio-guide into Chinese, French, German and Portuguese, which then Erasmus exchange students recorded.  In the Spanish section, 20 students translated into English and subtitled a video by Project Refresh (CRIC) involving schoolchildren in Córdoba, Argentina in examining and renovating their environment.

David Silk, from Newcastle Castle, thanked the students for making it possible to have the audio-guide available in other languages and emphasised how much more pleasurable and informative the visit to the Castle will be for overseas visitors.  Dr Patricia Oliart, from CRIC, representing the video director Pilar Heredia (Universidad de Córdoba), also thanked the students for enabling the video to be shown in the different universities involved in CRIC.  Both projects were led by staff from the School of Modern Languages- Linlin Fang, Dr Pauline Henry-Tierney, Okke Baumbach, Dr Conceição Pereira and Angela Uribe de Kellett.

Real Translation at the Castle    Recording the audio-guide

The event was also a celebration of the Real Translation Project’s 10 years offering opportunities to link up language students with external organisations.  Head of School, Andrea Wilczynski, pointed out the important role the Real Translation Project has come to play in the School and how it is highlighted to prospective students at Open Days. Angela Uribe de Kellett, director of the Real Translation Project, reported that to date nearly 500 students have taken part in the different projects, 65 of them Erasmus students. 

Project Refresh (CRIC) Audio-visual translation

CRIC Group


CRIC subtitle workshop

CRIC subtitle workshop


Subtitling workshop starter activity

Subtitling workshop starter activity


10 years anniversary
Real Translation 10-Year Anniversary

published on: 17 June 2019