School of Modern Languages

Film, Media & Visual Arts

Film, Media and Visual Arts


In this group, we're working in a number of overlapping thematic areas where the visual is explored in relation to other arts, and to social and political structures.

The areas under investigation include:

  • audiences and spectatorship
  • authorship
  • gender and sexuality
  • genre and stardom

We also look at:

  • landscape and space
  • national cinemas and postcolonial cinemas
  • psychoanalytic theory
  • the visual and the literary

We work in a wide range of languages, including Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and work on cinema from Europe, East Asia, Latin America and North Africa.

The key research aims of staff working in this area relate to the theorising of the image.

Members of the group are addressing this via two main approaches to the study of film and the visual arts.

The first focuses on images/texts and their production and the second on aspects of the reception of the image.

We have links with many colleagues in other parts of the university, especially with the School of English with whom we run the MA in Film: Theory and Practice.

Professor Guy Austin is Director of the Research Centre for Film and Digital Media (RCFDM), opened in 2011.

Study foreign language film, media and visual arts.

Postgraduate Opportunities

Postgraduate students can choose from a wide range of research topics.

Staff working in this area are willing to supervise postgraduate research in a wide range of language areas including:

  • Chinese-language cinema
  • French cinema
  • Spanish cinema
  • Latin American cinema
  • North African cinema (especially Algerian)

They work in thematic areas, including:

  • Basque cinema
  • star studies
  • gender and film
  • audiences and spectatorship

They also work in:

  • genres
  • auteurism
  • cinema and space

See a full list of postgraduate degrees.


The following members of staff work within the Film, Media and Visual Arts research theme in the School of Modern Languages.

Professor Guy Austin
Professor of French Studies

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 7447

Dr Hugh Dauncey
Visiting Fellow


Dr Sarah Leahy
Senior Lecturer


Dr Philippa Page
Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 7476

Maria Roemer
Lecturer in Japanese


Lydia Wu
Research Associate


Dr Shiro Yoshioka
Lecturer in Japanese Studies

Telephone: 0191 208 7524

Dr Sabrina Qiong Yu
Senior Lecturer in Chinese and Film Studies

Telephone: 0191 2087492