School of Modern Languages

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Carolyn Taylor

Research Support Officer



I work in a split role as Research Support Officer for the School of Modern Languages and Administrator for the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS)

My role in the School of Modern Languages involves the costing and pricing of grant applications, providing post award support to research projects, organising the School Research Seminar Series, Conferences and servicing the Research Committee. I also support the Director of Research in helping to develop and implement research and impact strategies and future research assessment exercises.

My role as Administrator for CLACS is to provide direct administrative support to the Centre. This includes the organisation of conferences, research seminars and international collaborative events. I also work to promote the Centre both internally and externally by managing our website and social media account. I manage the Centre’s financial records and work closely with the Director in regards to financial forecasting and planning our yearly cycle of events.

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