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Anne Carruthers

Doctoral Student in Film Studies


Professor Guy Austin, School of Modern Languages, and Dr Stacy Gillis, School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

The Uterus and Narrative Cinema

This Ph.D. argues that the uterus is a distinct narrative space by bringing into dialogue contemporary film theory and critical theory surrounding the foetal ultrasound.  The Ph.D. interrogates the dynamic between narrative construction and the internal space of the uterus and will address key concepts such as the theory of ultrasound bonding, biotourism and collaborative coding (Taylor, 2008; Krolokke, 2010, 2011; Roberts, 2009, 2011, 2012).

The thesis does not give an overview of the way ultrasound is portrayed in film nor does it form a political, cultural analysis of its use as this has been extensively investigated (Petchesky, 1987; Hartouni, 1992; Duden, 1993, 1999; Cartwright, 1995; Van Dijck, 2005).

The Ph.D. moves film scholarship beyond theorising narrative space in the female reproductive body only in relation to female subjectivity and objectification, personhood of the foetus, and maternity (Clover, 1992; Kaplan, 1992; Creed, 1993; Fischer, 1996; Oliver, 2012; Arredondo, 2014).

The corpus of films concentrates on the personal drama in cinema from the Americas since 2000. This sub-genre has been neglected by film theorists on the reproductive body primarily because the woman’s body and/or pregnancy may form only part of a narrative strand rather than a central theme or main narrative device. The Ph.D. applies a phenomenological lens to bring into focus contemporary debates in film studies regarding the lived body and the senses (Sobchack, 1992, 2004; Marks, 2000, 2002; Beugnet, 2007; Barker, 2008; Quinlivan, 2012) addressing the broader concerns in contemporary film scholarship around the turn to affect.

Research Interests

International Film, Phenomenology, Film Theory, Feminist Theory, Reproductive Body, Reproductive Visualising Technologies, Film History, Latin American Cinema, Hollywood Cinema, Spanish Cinema, Women Filmmakers, Narrative Analysis, Screen Aesthetics, Script Analysis


  • Media Communications and Cultural Studies Association
  • Women Make Movies

Research Groups

  • Americas Research Group, Newcastle University
  • Gender Research Group, Newcastle University
  • Research Centre for Film and Digital Media, Newcastle University 


  • SML 1021 Introduction to International Film: seminar tutor
  • HSS 8004 Nature of Explanation and Enquiry: postgraduate module marker, 2014
  • VamosSpanish and Lusaphone Festival: film presentation and group discussion, 2014
  • The Other Side of the Americas (Americas Research Group in conjunction with the Star and Shadow Cinema): film presentation and group discussion, 2014


  • Co-organiser and facilitator for Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, First Year PhD Conference, Newcastle University, May 2013
  • ‘The Frame of the Uterus as Premises for Perception in Maria Full of Grace (2004) and Juno (2009)’, Cognitive Futures in the Humanities, Durham University, April 2014
  • ‘Haptic Visuality: Memory and Cinematic Narrative’, PhD conference, Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Newcastle University, May 2013
  • ‘The Cinematic Uterus: an (Un) Gendered Location’, Undoing Gender: A Postgraduate Symposium, Gender Research Group, Newcastle University, February 2013


  • Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Part A, Newcastle University, 2013
  • Advanced Script Reading 101, Script Factory, 2009
  • IGNITE Radio Scriptwriting training, BBC and New Writing North, in conjunction with Sunderland University, 2005
  • Professional Training in Film and Video Production, North East Media Training Centre, 1991


  • Chair of Staff-Student Committee SML 2013-2014
  • Postgraduate Student Rep SML 2013-2014

Academic Background

  • MA in International Film: History, Theory, Practice, Newcastle University
  • MA in Creative Writing, Northumbria University
  • BA (Hons) in History of Modern Art, Design and Film, Newcastle Polytechnic